About Us

About Ministickers.nl

Ministickers.nl was founded inĀ 2006 by some AFOL’s (Adult Fans Of LEGO) that were disappointed by the fact that stickers for old LEGO sets are so difficult to get and/or often ridiculously expensive. The point of a sticker is to give a LEGO build a nice look while preserving the universal properties of the part(s) with the stickers. That is the major advantage above printed parts: you can take the sticker off and then reuse it in another way.

That is why we started to provide the AFOL community with high quality stickers on both transparent (including white ink!) and white vinyl.

How do we make stickers

There is often misunderstanding of how one makes stickers. First of all we make a digital version of the original or custom concept. When we scan an original sticker we then turn it into vectors using Adobe Illustrator and a Wacom Intuos pro pen tablet. We also add a ‘contour’ layer that will define where the stickers need to be cut. We often also add ‘overprint’ so that the peeled-off sticker will look at its best.

After some testprints (and maybe solving some imperfections), after we are satisfied, we print the stickers in a large batch using our large format vinyl printer solvent printer (Roland Versacamm) that has eight different solvent inks (Light Cyan, Cyan, Light Magenta, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Metallic and White). After printing, the machine will use the contour information and cut the stickers using its built-in automated precision knife.

After the ink has dried the stickers will be broken-up into sheets, checked for imperfections and stocked.


Ministickers.nl is part of JKSOFT Educational and located in Nunspeet, The Netherlands. We work together with different other (mostly) local companies. We not only sell our stickers online but also visit LEGO events where we will exhibit our LEGO builds and also sell stickers.